TED-X Talk on conscious, non-invasive, direct brain to brain communication (hyperinteraction) in humans.

 You can see it here! And the slides  are attached as well with notes.

Published on Jul 2, 2015

For the first time, information has been sent from one brain to another without the need to use invasive technology, i.e. without any cirurgical inventions. In the experiment, one person thought of a word ("Hola") and the second person could receive and decipher the signals to understand the word. Both persons were thousands of miles apart.
This technology can already now help people with brain pathologies and - who knows - might become in some far future our preferred way of communication.

Dr. Giulio Ruffini obtained his BA in mathematics and physics at the UC of Berkeley, and his PhD in Theoretic Physics at UC David/LANL. In 2000, he co-founded Starlab with the dream of transforming theoric science in technology with a real impact. Ten years later, he founded Neuroelectrics, marketing innovative products of brain stimulation that today could change the world of interpersonal communication as we know it. The 7.700 km which separates Strasburg and Thiruvananthapuram (India) didn’t prevent Ruffini and his team from achieving a transmition of a counscious message, from one brain to another in each city for the first time.




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